Telemed is the specialist in computer-based ultrasound imaging, we are proud to present the new generation of imaging platforms Logicscan, connectable to any modem PC. Quickly growing performance of modern notebooks in combination with a very affordable price allow these platforms to use PC capabilities for processing of ultrasound images in real-time, providing additional features wich are currently available only for top-class equipment. Not only a number of signals and image processing modules, but also control functions have been moved from hardware to software.

Adopting a variety of state-of-the-art techniques such as advanced focusing, wide bandwith probe technology, the Logicscans are equipped with imaging modes: B,M,(B+B, B+M),CFM,Power Doppler,Spectral Doppler, real Time Zoom, High Line Density Imaging. Color processing modules allows adjustment of brightness, contrast, and gamma separately for red, green and blue channels to increase differentiation of low contrast tissues. Very high capacity cineloop provides capability to record maximum 2048 frames (about 2 minutes) clip on the hard drive or CD Rom. An optimum frequency of broadband probes can be selected from up to six frequencies to ensure the best image for each examination situation.

Flexibility of these "true PC-based" scanners means that advanced technologies such as 3D imaging, wide field-of-view imaging, real-time speckle reduction can be easily integrated, while enabling innovative and evolving solutions to be effortessly added as customer's future needs change.

3DView allows viewing coronal, saggital and lateral scans as well as three-dimensional realistic imaging of anatomic structures. The diagnosis is more immediate and safe because the complete acquisition and visualization of the region under examination provides additional information to study: it is possible to review the data, performing a "virtual sonography" after the patient is gone.
PanoView concatenates several ultrasound frames to a large panorama view and produces images with a large anatomic field-of-view. Intuitivity, speed and ease of usage make it the method of choise for the documentation and monitoring of large superficial lesions, for exaple hematomas following arterial puncture.
ClearView is real-time software add-on for reduction of the speckle artifact. High speed algorithm analyses ultrasound image features-low level features like edges, lines and higher level image representations such as textures, regions, object boundaries and then averages or emphasizes the image based on the results of this comparison. The connection between structures in a living body is improved and at the same time speckle noice is eliminated.

Telemedecine: The architecture of Logicscan platforms provides solutions for image transfer through e-mail, real-time streaming and remote control of the scanning parameters of the ultrasound system.
Various solutions can be easy implemented in hospitals and clinics for image transfer between departments in different geographic areas to cover rural health, between a ditrict general hospital and a subspecialty referral centre.

  • 31 available probes
  • 128 elements from 2 to 10 MHz, multifrequency
  • 1 probe port
  • 32 channel beamformer
  • multi lines technology, 128/256 ultrasound lines
  • dynamic focus mode to 8 points/zones
All applications

For each application are specifique probes available : linear transducer.