Breakdown services electronic probes

With our new activity 'Breakdown Services Transducers' it is possible to repair electronic transducer of almost all brands.
'Probedoctor' repairs membranes, connectors and cables. The price depends on the type of transducer. Breakdown services are carried out as from 1500,- excl. VAT for abdominal or linear probes.
During the breakdown service you can use a loanprobe.

Our 'First Call Tester' enables us to measure the performance and the quality of your transducer. Studies have shown* that 25% of the used transducers show failures of which the user is not informed. For this reason a lot of users opt for a maintenance contract. With our quality meter and our breakdown service we offer you the same service as your current supplier to a cheaper tariff.
*'Effects and Mechanisms' from Weigang, et al.

We also have a wide assortment of exchange probes. If in stock, you can exchange your faulty transducer for the same type of transducer, of course to a very advantageous price compared to a new transducer offered by your current supplier.

You have a faulty transducer? Then you can:

  • Mail the liaison with this form and choose the category 'probe repair'
  • Contact us directly: or 0032 477 304 726
  • Fax to 0032 598 00948

Please note the brand of the faulty transducer, as well as the type and a short description of the problem.